Customer support

Use the support request form below for the fastest response for size change, address change, refund, warranty, or anything else.

About our support request form

My personal relationship with you is the most important thing

As a fellow Xialla user, my personal relationship with every customer is the most important thing to me. Having a support form allows us to automate many routine support requests, like size changes and refunds. As we grow, this frees more of my time to spend talking to customers about things that matter most, like how to help with your ED, how to get back to amazing sex, and how we can make Xialla work for you as well as we possibly can.

Nigel Shaw, inventor of Xialla

If you prefer, you can always contact us directly by phone or email

  • Customer support: 1-888-504-4526 x 2
  • Nigel Shaw: 1-888-504-4526 x 7
  • Email

Response time

We respond to support requests within one business day. For routine support requests, the support request form above helps us automate things to get your request done faster.

Changing your Xialla size

We'll gladly exchange your Xialla for a different size at no charge. Just use the form above to let us know what size you'd like.

Warranty replacement

If your Xialla is defective or breaks during normal use, we'll gladly replace it at no charge. Just use the form above to request for a replacement.


At Xialla we know that there's no perfect ED treatment. We can honestly say that Xialla works for two out of three men. That's why we also stress that if Xialla doesn't work for you, or for any other reason, just request a refund using the form above, and we'll happily refund your full purchase price. And to save hassle, there no need to return your Xialla. Simply discard it.

Xialla's mission is to help couples worldwide get back to amazing sex. Couples with healthy sex lives have more loving and fulfilling relationships and can give back more to society. In short, great sex changes everything.

Xialla is patented worldwide