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Clinical Studies
A clinical study of V1 of the Xialla device demonstrated significant benefit to erectile function and sexual enhancement for 14/21 (66%) of patients.
A novel approach
Xialla is a new FDA and Health Canada compliant medical device consisting of a soft silicone occlusion loop (SSOL) with geodesigned anchoring. The SSOL design is novel, offering a unique means of loop fixing compared to traditional penile occlusion bands (POB) or c*ck rings (CR).
We identified complimentary force vectors to circular constriction applied by the anchoring mechanism and theorized that this may optimize venous trapping in CVOD ED.
Finally, the design of the SSOL is less obtrusive to the man and his partner, and does not impact external genitalia of the partner, which may make acceptance as a sexual function (SF) enhancement device for intimacy easier.
Dr. Anthony Bella
Get the Free Info Kit
Are you a healthcare practitioner? Click the button to get the free info kit and Xialla samples.
V 2.0
The current version of Xialla represents V2 of the device and is a significant enhancement in several ways; easier to wear, less obvious visually, more comfortable, less prone to deflection of fixation due to inner thigh fat pads.
Dr. Anthony Bella
Dr. Bella is a member of the Canadian Urological Association, American Urological Association, International Society for Sexual Medicine, Sexual Medicine Society of North America, and currently holds medical and surgical licensure in Canada and California.