How Does Xialla Work?
Step by step.
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How erections work
The penis needs more blood inflow than outflow in order to get hard.
1. How erections work
In order to get hard, the body sends blood into the penis, and then traps blood inside so there there is less blood going out than in. This results in pressure being built up inside the penile tissues which makes the penis rigid.
How ED happens
ED happens when there's not enough inflow and/or too much outflow.
2. How ED happens
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of two problems - not enough blood inflow, or too much blood outflow. Treatments for ED have to be case-specific to solve the problem that the patient is facing.
Inflow solutions
Viagra, Cialis, pumps, injections, and others increase blood inflow.
3. Inflow solutions
Whichever problem the patient faces today, the existing solutions only solve blood inflow. Viagra, Cialis, pumps, injections, and others increase blood inflow, but not blood outflow.
Outflow solutions
Penis rings are ineffective because they don't stay in place unless they're too tight.
4. Outflow solutions
Penis rings are designed to trap blood and solve the outflow problem, but they leak blood every time they move. In order to prevent that, they have to be extremely tight which can cause discomfort to the user.
Xialla stays in place to effectively slow blood outflow.
5. Xialla
Xialla’s patented design holds the elastic silicone ring in place so it gently traps blood and prevents venous leakage. Users enjoy a fully erect penis without the prescription or the discomfort.
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How to Use Xialla
Xialla can be put on in seconds, so it’s ready when you are.
1. Stick
Peel the backing and place an Adhesive Pad just above your buttocks. Press firmly to ensure good adhesion.
2. Lubricate
Use a personal lubricant to lubricate your penis, scrotum and butt-crack.
3. Velcro side up
Hold Xialla with the Velcro Tab facing upwards. Keep the Velcro Tab upwards for the next steps.
4. Hold and stretch
Hold Xialla by the Ring with two fingers from each hand as shown in the diagram. The Velcro Tab should be facing up with the Loop and Band pointing toward you.
5. Place the Ring
Keeping the Loop and Band below the penis and in front of the scrotum, place the Ring on the penis and slide it down to the base.
6. Place the Loop
Stretch open the Loop and pull it up around the scrotum. Adjust it to fit up snugly against the groin.
7. Pull and attach
Pull the Band backward between your legs, up your butt-crack and attach the Velcro Tab to the Adhesive Pad.
8. Help the erection
Blood may collect behind Xialla before the penis becomes erect. Help the erection to build by applying gentle pressure to squeeze the blood through and start the erection. As the erection builds the blood will flow through on its own.
9. Adjust
As the erection builds, adjust Xialla to ensure the Loop is as high on the scrotum as possible, against the groin. This helps Xialla pull backwards instead of downwards.
10. Have amazing sex
Xialla’s design slows blood outflow, creating a strong and long lasting erection. Xialla increases the sense of length and girth for both partners. Have amazing sex!
Explainer Videos
Xialla Demonstration
How Xialla Works
Attention to Detail
Stretchy and flexible, Xialla is made of smooth, comfortable medical grade silicone.
Mechanism of Action
Interested in all the mechanical details? Here's the science on how Xialla works, step by step.
Like a Ring, but Different

Xialla is very simple and looks kind of like a fancy cock ring. So isn’t is just another sex toy like the rings I can buy at an adult store for a few dollars? The short answer is no. Xialla is a medical device that works in a very subtle and unique way. The long answer requires a bit of background into the mechanics of an erection.

How an Erection Works

An erection is not a simple thing. In fact, sometimes it seems it’s a miracle erections happen at all, they’re so complicated. For an erection to happen requires two fundamental things; blood must flow into the penis, and blood must be blocked from flowing out faster than it flows in.

Blood flows into the penis through the cavernosal arteries deep within the penile shaft. These arteries dilate (expand) when a man is sexually aroused, increasing blood flow to the penis to start the erection. Normally blood to the penis flows back out through the penile venules and deep dorsal vein. However when an erection starts, the corporal tissue (the main spongy part of the penis shaft) fills with blood and starts to get hard. As it does it squeezes (compresses) the veins and venules, slowing the flow of blood out of the penis. As long as the flow in (arteries) is faster than the flow out (veins) the erection is maintained.

How Erections are Lost

Two things can cause loss of erection, leading to ED; blood flow into the penis is too slow (arteries), or blood flow out of the penis is too fast (veins). In either case the balance of flow is altered so that blood flow out exceeds blood flow in, and the erection is lost.

Fixing the Problem

Now it becomes clear that there are two options for fixing ED and restoring the erection, either increase blood flow into the penis, or decrease blood flow out of the penis. Increasing blood flow to the penis is what PDE5 inhibitor drugs do, by relaxing the arteries.

Why Drugs Often Aren't Enough

However, for many men PED5 drugs aren’t effective, because even though the blood flow in is enhanced the blood flow out is too fast. This can happen when the erection doesn’t get hard enough to compress the veins (to slow the outflow), for instance when a man is not easily as aroused later in life as he was when younger. It can also happen when the veins harden with age, becoming more difficult to compress.

What these men need is a way to compress (but not close completely) the deep dorsal vein and penile venules to slow the blood flow out of the penis.

That is what a “cock ring” attempts to do. Stretched and placed at the base of the penis, the cock ring uses simple elastic pressure to partially close the veins and venules, slowing blood flow out of the penis.

Why Cock Rings Don't Work

It seems like a simple and perfect solution, except for one problem. Cock rings don’t work. The exact reason why they don’t work has confounded men for generations. And the solution to the problem that makes the cock ring work is the key invention of Xialla that turns it from a ineffective cock ring into an effective medical device.

The reason a cock ring doesn’t work lies at the heart of the sexual act, and the fact that sex is not a gentle motion. On the contrary, penile thrusting is decidedly vigorous. Many would say the more vigorous the better! The problem is that with each thrust the cock ring is pushed backwards a bit and with each withdrawal it is allowed to slide forwards a bit. Furthermore, the sliding is made easier by the fact that the penile skin is able to slide along the penis very freely and nearly friction-free, as any man who masturbates by sliding the skin rapidly back and forth will agree.

So we have a situation where the cock ring is trying to slow the flow of blood, but it’s moving back and forth a bit with each thrust and withdrawal, as the skin moves. The movement doesn’t even need to be much, but it’s enough that instead of the ring doing its job, it’s now acting like a small pump, actively squeezing blood along the veins and allowing it to escape instead of trapping it.

And that’s why cock rings don’t work.

Tight Rings Don't Work Either

Now, one might think the solution is just to make the ring tighter so that it doesn’t move. But the problem is the extremely low friction of the skin movement. Try this experiment: Make a ring with your thumb and index finger, grab your erection tightly at the base, and then slide the ring along your penis. Try to grab tightly enough to make it difficult to slide. No matter how tightly you grab, the sliding is still extremely low friction. This is the wonder of the human body. Skin slides over flesh with amazingly low friction, much lower than Teflon. So making the cock ring tight doesn’t work. Even if you really try to make it so tight that it can’t slip, then it cuts off all blood flow, both in and out, and makes the penis quickly go cold and numb. Another common attempt at a solution is to have a loop attached to the ring that goes around the scrotum to hold the ring in place. The problem is that the scrotum is able to move back and forth as well, therefore this solution doesn’t work.

What Makes Xialla Special?

So what makes Xialla so special and makes it work? Xialla is drawn backward firmly against the scrotum and the scrotum itself is drawn backward as far as it will comfortably go, with the result that both Xialla and the scrotum are held securely in place.

With the ring held in place during the thrusting action of sex, the blood in the penile venules and deep dorsal vein is slowed from exiting the penis. The result is a fast forming, firm and long lasting erection.

Xialla Also Works With Other Therapies

This also explains why Xialla is not a competitor to Viagra, Cialis and other PDE5 inhibitor drugs. Rather it’s a complement to those drugs. While some men will obtain a good erection with drugs, men for whom the problem is venous leakage may not. About 40% of men fall into this category, and for them the PDE5 inhibitor drugs simply don’t work. For these men Xialla is an ideal option. By slowing blood outflow, their problem is fixed and they are able to obtain an erection. For men with more severe ED, where both low blood flow in and high blood flow out are present, the combination of drugs and Xialla can be effective in enabling an erection.  


Erections are caused by not enough blood flow in, or too much blood flow out. Xialla solves the blood flow out problem. Xialla works like a cock ring, but unlike a normal ring Xialla is secured in place so that it effectively traps blood. Xialla also works with other therapies that promote blood flow in.