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Dr. Anthony Bella

Clinical trial summary

Xialla is a new FDA and Health Canada compliant medical device consisting of a soft silicone occlusion loop (SSOL) with geodesigned anchoring. The SSOL design is novel, offering a unique means of loop fixing compared to traditional penile occlusion bands (POB) or c*ck rings (CR).

The current version of Xialla represents V2 of the device and is a significant enhancement in several ways; easier to wear, less obvious visually, more comfortable, less prone to deflection of fixation due to inner thigh fat pads.

We identified complimentary force vectors to circular constriction applied by the anchoring mechanism and theorized that this may optimize venous trapping in CVOD ED.

Finally, the design of the SSOL is less obtrusive to the man and his partner, and does not impact external genitalia of the partner, which may make acceptance as a sexual function (SF) enhancement device for intimacy easier.

Dr. Anthony Bella

urological surgeon and researcher
Clinical trial 1

Evaluation of a FDA and Health Canada Compliant Novel Medical Device for Improving Erectile Function Across Erectile Dysfunction Etiologies

journal of sexual medicine
january 2017, Volume 14, Issue 1, Supplement 1, Pages S27–S28
access online
Clinical trial 2

Salvage of Post-Radical Prostatectomy Intracavernous Injection and ICI with Venoseal Failures with a Novel Soft Silocone Loop Occlusion Device Combined with ICI

journal of sexual medicine
February 17, Volume 14, Issue 2, Supplement, Pages e71–e72
access online
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Xialla is a Class 2 medical device
FDA, Health Canada and CE Compliant
Proven in clinical trials

Xialla's mission is to help couples worldwide get back to amazing sex. Couples with healthy sex lives have more loving and fulfilling relationships and can give back more to society. In short, great sex changes everything.

Xialla is patented worldwide