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Treat erectile dysfunction
without a prescription.

Finally, an effective drug-free alternative
Nigel Shaw
Invented a medical device called Xialla.
Clinical Studies
Proved that it works for 66% of men
How it works
Erectile dysfunction is caused by a lack of blood inflow, or too much outflow.
Blood flow
The penis needs more blood inflow than outflow in order to get hard.
Existing solutions
Viagra, Cialis, pumps, injections and others increase blood inflow.
Xialla is the only solution that prevents excessive blood outflow.
How to Use Xialla
Xialla can be put on in seconds, so it’s ready when you are.
1. Stick
Peel the backing and place an Adhesive Pad just above your buttocks.  
2. Place the Ring
Place the Ring on the penis and slide it down to the base.
3. Place the Loop
Stretch open the Loop and pull it up around the scrotum.
4. Pull and attach
Pull the Band backward between your legs, up your butt-crack and attach the Velcro Tab to the Adhesive Pad.
5. Have amazing sex
Xialla’s design slows blood outflow, creating a strong and long lasting erection. Xialla increases the sense of length and girth for both partners. Have amazing sex!
How it Works
Step inside Xialla labs
Xialla Labs
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The 6 Benefits
Xialla combines six benefits to achieve a firm, long lasting erection and an enhanced sexual experience for both the wearer and their partner.
Traps blood
Viagra, Cialis, penis pumps, injections, and others increase blood inflow. Only Xialla slows blood outflow.
Triggers erection
Pulls the penile skin backward, which stimulates the special stretch-sensitive nerve endings of the penile skin, triggering the erection response.
Promotes engorgement
Promotes engorgement of the penile shaft tissues, making the penis look and feel thicker.
Increased stimulation
Optimizes penis head exposure, increasing stimulation of the most sensitive area of the penis.
Feels longer
Draws the testicles and scrotum rearward to reduce skin slackness, optimizing shaft penetration length and making the penis appear longer.
Prevents ride-up
Prevents uncomfortable testicle “ride-up,” in which the testicles move up and can get squeezed.
Healthcare Provider Info and Registration
A clinical study of V1 of the Xialla device demonstrated significant benefit to erectile function and sexual enhancement for 14/21 (66%) of patients.
A novel approach
Xialla is a new FDA and Health Canada compliant medical device consisting of a soft silicone occlusion loop (SSOL) with geodesigned anchoring. The SSOL design is novel, offering a unique means of loop fixing compared to traditional penile occlusion bands (POB) or c*ck rings (CR).
We identified complimentary force vectors to circular constriction applied by the anchoring mechanism and theorized that this may optimize venous trapping in CVOD ED.
Finally, the design of the SSOL is less obtrusive to the man and his partner, and does not impact external genitalia of the partner, which may make acceptance as a sexual function (SF) enhancement device for intimacy easier.
Dr. Anthony Bella
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V 2.0
The current version of Xialla represents V2 of the device and is a significant enhancement in several ways; easier to wear, less obvious visually, more comfortable, less prone to deflection of fixation due to inner thigh fat pads.
Dr. Anthony Bella
Dr. Bella is a member of the Canadian Urological Association, American Urological Association, International Society for Sexual Medicine, Sexual Medicine Society of North America, and currently holds medical and surgical licensure in Canada and California.
Works great. I am only 40. Started having problems about a year ago. Dr prescribed this new device. The first try, it worked perfectly. Put it on right before sex. Within a minute, it took effect.
New York, NY
I cannot say enough about Xialla. It is so simple but really works. I tried c-rings but nothing seemed to work and they just slipped out of place. Don't want to take drugs. So Xialla was a big hope for me when I saw it, and it came thru big time! Highly recommend.
Atlanta, GA
Don't wait to try this product if you're not sure. I have some serious issues with prior cancer so saw my urologist about this and in combination with other therapy was able to get back in the saddle for the first time in 3 years. Thank you thank you thank you.
Toronto, ON
Made to enrich lives
Xialla was created to help couples maintain lasting realationships with great sex.
Rest easy with risk-free everything
With a satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping, trying Xialla is easier than ever. Additional terms and conditions apply.
Award-winning customer support
Talk to a human, 7 days a week. Our Xialla specialists are always just a text, call, or chat away. Say hello.
Competitive Comparison
See how Xialla stacks up against other ED treatments on a price per use basis.
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A note from Nigel, the guy who invented this thing

When couples are young, amazing sex is natural and easy. But with time the normal stresses of life, work and family take priority. Medical folks call what happens next ED. I call it being human. I invented Xialla as a way for me, and regular guys just like me, to get back to amazing sex without the risks or cost of drugs. When my wife started insisting that I use Xialla all the time, that’s when I knew I was onto something extraordinary.

Whether you call it ED or just call it you and your partner wanting back the amazing sex that used to seem so natural, my hope is that Xialla makes a difference. I'm glad you found Xialla, and can't wait to hear from you to share your feedback and experience.

Nigel Shaw, Founder and Inventor

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